Friday, 3 February 2012

Isoball X-1 Achievement List

Here are all 18 hidden achievements;

1. warming up (complete 6 levels)
2. making progress (complete 12 levels)
3. halfway done (complete 18 levels)
4. expert builder (complete 24 levels)
5. almost there (complete 30 levels)
6. isoball mastery complete all levels)
7. perfection (complete a level without erasing anything)
8. blitz (complete a level in under 10 seconds)
9. feels like ikea (complete a level with pieces left)
10. speed freak (ball becomes too fast for its own good)
11. fall from grace (ball falls from a great height into a gap)
12. infinite loop (build a track that lasts more than 60 seconds)
13. seen it all (view all tutorials)
14. sandbox complete! (complete the sandbox)
15. meet the devs (visit candyflame) >> support the devs (click donate button)
16. dedication (play the game for 60 minutes)
17. my head hurts (erase 250 pieces)
18. careful with that! (ball breaks 250 times)